senior portrait session in sonoma county, califorina


Happy 2024! I’m so excited for the new year and to continue growing my business and serving more and more families! I also hope to take more senior portraits in 2024!

In 2023 I had my first senior portrait session after shadowing Natalie Tromburg Photography at an amazingly beautiful session downtown and in the Foothills of Boise, Idaho. I loved connecting with seniors and finding out who they were. What their plans were, what they liked to do for fun, what interests them. It also showed me how old I felt compared to them! The seniors I took photos of last summer and fall were being born when I graduated high school which blew my mind!

I ended the year with a total of 10 senior sessions. In 2023 I learned that I absolutely love the one on one with seniors. I like to try to make them laugh and feel at ease. I also love those parents or family members that attend the session with them. They help them feel more comfortable, make them laugh, help them with their outfits and basically become my assistant. I’ve seen this work wonders in most of the photos with some of those kids not being stoked mom is telling them to fix their hair — haha.

I hope to have more sessions with seniors in 2024! I would love to create a session that showcases what they love and who they are at that moment in their life. As I grow my own portfolio of seniors I would love to offer a discount for any remaining 2024 seniors or seniors to be in 2025. Message me for more information if you or someone you know is interested!