Eden turned 1!

On the side I work for Natalie Tromburg Photography as her associate photographer. One great aspect about this is we're able to take photos for each other as trades. This is the second time I have taken her familys photos. Natalie wanted to celebrate her daughter, Eden turning one with a photoshoot at Edwards Greenhouse in Boise. I loved this idea! Her mom was in town so it was the perfect time to get some intentional photos with her mom and her babies.

I loved how these photos came out and Natalie graciously allowed me to share them in my portfolio. Her sons are the sweetest little boys who take great direction! Eden is just an absolute doll. She is truly one of the cutest babies I've had the privilege of photographing. I hope in the future I get to take more photos of this precious family.

Why schedule a photoshoot at edwards greenhouse & flowershop in boise idaho

Rain or Shine!

The location is a safe bet for taking photos without having to reschedule due to weather. The greenhouses are warm even on a cold day. You are protected from rain so there is no reason to cancel the session. It's a fail safe!


There is so much variety at Edwards Greenhouse. This is going to give you beautiful greenery but it can also give you wonderful pops of color which can be playful. There is so much to work with here from a fountain, hanging flower pots, benches, chairs, ferns, house plants, and more than you can even think of!

Unique Location

Edwards Greenhouse is a unique location which is great for the Treasure Valley. We all love sweeping golden foothills or by the river but sometimes youv'e done that and you don't want similar locations for each family session you do. This will look completely different than anywhere you've had photos taken. It's also special because they do not charge a fee for having a photoshoot here which is amazing. I do recommend supporting them by picking up something from their wonderful store. There is SO much here to be explored -- more than just flowers and plants.