Eagle Island State Park

Last fall when I had quite a few family sessions scheduled Eagle Island State Park was a popular pick. I think it's so popular because it's conveniently located for people coming from Star or Middleton and also easy if you're in Eagle or Meridian. The terrain is mostly dirt paths or gravel roads. It's easy enough you could take a stroller there (if it's an off road stroller) which I have done but your toddler could most likely walk the paths as well. One afternoon after school I took my own daughters there and we were able to walk one mile ages 5 and 2.

What I learned about Eagle Island State Park for photos is that it is a decently popular place to shoot family sessions and I almost always ran into a photographer there either doing a senior session or family photos. I prefer the lighting there in the morning so if you have young kids this is a great place to shoot. Evening lighting is of course always beautiful during golden hour but there is something about the morning light there that I personally love.

There is also a pretty wide variety of backdrops we can get at Eagle Island. We can do tall grasses, fields, paths with trees hanging above and from the sides, fences, and dilapidated old buildings which make for interesting back drops. I haven't been able to shoot by the water there yet but that is on my to do!

If you do plan to have your session in the morning I suggest bringing some extra shoes for the kiddos after your session as walking through the grasses can cause there little feeties to get wet and cold. When I'm shooting there I typically wear my rain boots to keep my feet dry.

I thought it would be helpful to get an idea of some different kinds of backdrops you can use at Eagle Island. The photos below were shot between the months of September through beginning of December.