Photoshoot with Gigi

After I took photos for Natalie Tromburg of her family at Edwards Greenhouse in Boise I was so excited to get my own kids down there. My mother-in-law was coming to town for a visit. I asked her to bring some clothes that she would like to be photographed in. She brought a lovely spring-inspired dress from Pact that went quite well with my daughters spring dresses. Gigi is well known for her garden back in California. She has a huge garden that she mostly grows, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and lots of beautiful flowers. She gives away a ton of her produce away so I knew she would be right at home in a nursery.

Edwards Greenhouse is SO large. It provides so many different fun backdrops. My daughters could have spent hours here. Of course they wanted to buy everything in sight, especially from their gemstone & fairy collection. This nursery really has it all from plants (obviously), greeting cards, gemstones (!?!), bouquets, fairy figurines, to water features and yard decorations. They even have a fish pond here! It's a really fun and funky nursery. I highly recommend it!

Britton is always so hard to get to look at my camera so I really had to try not to push it with her. In the photos of her at the bottom you can see she's holding onto something which was her smartie. Mama had to end up bargaining with her with candy. ;) Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and candy with my kids usually works!

I know Gigi will cherish these photos forever and so will we. Too often grandparents are left out of family photos. It's so special to get my kids in photos with their grandparents. You can always bring along your own parents to a photo session with me and we can add them into some of the shots. Or feel free to schedule your parents a special photo session with your kids or all their grandkids as a present. It'll be an unforgettable experience -- I promise.