My Nephew, Parker.

On my side of the family there have only been girls born. I have two daughters, my brother has a daughter, my cousin's both have daughters so my Nanny (maternal grandmother) has 6 great granddaughters. Believe me, I LOVE having so many girls in the family and there is nothing cuter than getting all those girls together. There also may be nothing louder. When my brother found out he was having a boy we were all very excited to see what a little boy would look like amongst all these girls!

During Camryn's spring break I took the girls back to California to visit family while David stayed home and worked on tearing out our old floors and getting them replaced. We definitely didn't want to be home living with subfloor and no furniture so this was the perfect timing as my nephew, Parker was just born!

I took these photos about a month after he was born. On a somewhat dreary Saturday I headed to my brothers house to do an at home lifestyle newborn family session. Mr. Parker wasn't cooperating with his nap which was totally okay! I think we managed to still get some adorable photos. Babies do not have to be sleeping to get photos that you will cherish. It's nice to have newborn photos taken in your own home where everyone is comfortable and we can take our time if need be. I hope they adore these photos of their precious little boy. I'm so glad I was able to take them!