Gift Certificate Session

This was a fun and special family session because one of my friends purchased a gift certificate for her friend/real estate client. It was so fun that Brittney cashed in her gift certificate during my recent mini sessions.

Her family is absolutely adorable! Her daughter (not quite 2) was not into this photo session at all. She was very upset by the camera and there were many tears shed. As a photographer you try to let the family know that it's totally okay. Try to calm her down with some hugs or sometimes kids just want to be free to explore and absolutely don't want to be held! If possible it's best to get the kid to stop crying and keep them happy in whatever way works for them. I tried to focus on the other family members and play the "blanket game" which she was interested. After the blanket game she was still not into photos so as a last resort we went with the old lollipop trick. I was able to snap a couple more photos of her with her family and we were down!

Sessions don't have to last super long in order to get what's needed. I'm pretty happy with Brittney's gallery. She messaged me after viewing her photos "Hi! OBSESSED !!! I’m gonna have a hard time deciding which ones to print. Thank you so much !!! I love them all!". Messages like these always bring a smile to my face!