September Mini's at Reid Merrill Park in Eagle, Idaho

Fall is the busiest time for photographers. The colors during fall, especially in Idaho are phenomenal and look amazing! I offered 3 mini sessions for this fall and ended up adding a fourth date due to demand which was a fun surprise! I plan on sharing photos from all my mini sessions.

What I love about mini sessions is how different your first session of the day can look from your last. You can be at the same spot at the location but due to the sun moving and peoples outfit choices the photos can look vastly different.

A few things I learned this season of doing 4 of my own mini sessions and doing 3 with Natalie Tromburg Photography were;

  1. Wear a watch! I don't like pulling my phone out during sessions because it's super disruptive and I always think it comes off as rude. If I'm wearing a watch I can set a timer on the watch and it will quietly vibrate to let me know the session time has ended.
  2. The biggest takeaway for me this season was allowing myself some buffer time in between sessions. I finally got this right when I added on my fourth mini session in Eagle. I allowed a 10 minute buffer between sessions and this gave me time to take a breath, take a sip of water, possibly message a client if they were unsure of the location or if I was running late it let me not go into other scheduled families time. I REALLY need this buffer. I know some photographers don't like to do that because it takes away from valuable shooting time. For my sanity, I need this buffer. I feel like it lets me serve my clients better.
  3. Scout out spots well in advance but also don't necessarily make your session location date set until a week or 2 beforehand. Fall colors can change slowly or fast here in Idaho. Those sessions in early September are going to have more of a summer feel vs your sessions done in late October. Waiting for a week or two out can give you the flexibility to go back to those locations and truly pick a beautiful spot that is showcasing fall in the best way.

Thank you to all my September mini session families who trusted me to take these valuable photos for them. I highly recommend that all families get family photos taken. I know it can seem expensive to have professional photos taken so mini sessions are a perfect way to ensure that you get those photos taken without too much of a financial burden.