Boutique School Photos in Eagle, Idaho

I took a course in the beginning of the year on how to take school photos. I had the intention of trying to market myself to preschools & private elementary schools but I think what I'm really going to do with these sessions is offer them once or twice a year at my house. I'll ask the community to reach out to preschools or homeschoolers to book these minis. They are very quick! I'll allot 10 minute spots but really it takes about 5 minutes or less to get a handful of beautiful images of your children.

Your normal run of the mill school photos are not great portraits. We're nostalgic and we love any pictures of our kids but these are class boutique looking photos of your children. Homeschool families should not miss out on an opportunity to document their child's growth each year. The best part of school photos is that they are yearly and a great way at documenting how your kid has changed year after year.

I'm so excited to to start offering these. I'll be offering them twice year and right now I'm thinking in November & March. If you know any homeschool families please share that this is something I'll be offering in the near future! Reach out if you'd like to book one so I can get you on my interest list.