Mini Sessions for MOPS at Julia Davis Park, Boise.

One of my friends, Lisa asked if I'd be interested in doing an afternoon of Mini Sessions at Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho for a fundraiser she was hosting with her MOPS group at Calvary Chapel. I was committed to taking pictures of up to six families. Each session would be 15 minutes and families were told they would receive at least 5 edited images.

Since I'm just starting out this was such a fun way to gain experience and help get my name out there. I met with five families that afternoon at the end of October. The park was looking beautiful for fall and I'm pretty sure everyone in the Treasure Valley knew it because I've never seen so many photographers in one place. We were literally crowded and sort of itching for spots. My first session was a little stressful because lighting was a little harsher than the rest of the sessions and the park was packed. I was also trying to be mindful of the 15 minutes allotted. Luckily after the first session, Lisa came by to help coordinate and make sure each family was ready to go. It was awesome having her there to do this!

Each family was so sweet and the kids were all adorable. A few were not up to getting their photos taken but I think I managed to snap some decent family photos. At least well enough to share on a Christmas card! That was the whole idea of this fundraiser anyway. During editing I had way too hard of a time narrowing images down to 5 pictures and I think most families got between 10-20 photos. Whoops! I guess I was having too much fun.

This afternoon was invaluable to me. It was the first time I shot families back to back and had to edit each session quickly to be able to deliver on time. I learned so much from this experience and absolutely loved it. Taking photos of families gives me such a natural high.

Enjoy some images of the beautiful families I had the pleasure of capturing.