Taking Family Photos with Older Kids

When your children are young parents are more proactive about taking family photos. You want to capture their childhood and remember how adorable they were. This is so great and I'm so happy so many families make it a priority to do this.

Sadly, as our kids get older we tend to stop taking family photos. I know this to be true within my own family growing up. We have plenty of portraits of me & my brother until about 8. Then bam! There are none. I'm sure as I was growing up I didn't care at all but as an adult and a mom myself I sure wish I had some more family photos. Back in the 90's family photo sessions were definitely not what they are today! It is so much easier to book a family photographer now to come to your house or a location.

Managing schedules of older kids/teens/adult kids can be very difficult. It is hard to make sure everyone is able to meet up at the same time at the same place but it is so important to document this stage in your families life. Do yourself a favor and book your family a photo session with those older kids. No matter what stage of life you are in you won't regret having photos of your family together. You will never be in that stage of life again. Just like they are only kids once, they are also only teens one, and young adults once.

5 Reasons to Take Family Photos with Older Kids

  1. Your kids are only the age they are once. Just like they are only 3 once, they are also only 13 once
  2. Photoshoots with older kids is easy peasy! No tears, no boogers, no bribing!
  3. Taking photos with your older kids is FUN. Book a session for a fun family experience that you'll all remember
  4. You can choose exciting locations that may have been too far to travel with littles; mountains, views, snow, sunset (later shoot times)
  5. You'll never regret photos of your family all together