In home Meridian, Idaho Newborn Lifestyle Session

I find that with most session I do, I return home and say "that is my favorite type of session!". I really do love being invited into families homes and documenting such a precious time. Having a newborn in your home really lasts for such a short period of time. It's really important to actually document it. I've had both my babies documented at home and I love those photos. It's really the pinacle of capturing a sacred moment in life. It's right up there with a wedding. You can't go back to your wedding and you can't go back to having that newborn ever again. Every day when I see Britton's newborn photo on our gallery wall in the dining room I smile. I remember how exhausted I was but also just how darn cute and precious she was/is.

tips for prepping for a newborn session


You may be apprehensive about inviting a photographer into your home. You just had a baby! You shouldn't have to clean! Don't worry about the cleanliness of your home. Newborn sessions can be done in as little as 1 room. You only need to tidy up and if anything is in the way I can help hide things out of the way easily. Typical rooms are nursery, master bedroom, or living room.

Feed Baby

It's a good idea to feed your baby before I get there. It's okay for the baby to be sleepy if it just ate. Feeding it first will usually make the baby happy but will also make it sleepy. It's less stressful if baby is happy. Feel free to blast a sound machine if that helps. Baby can be awake or asleep during the photoshoot.

Baby's Schedule

These sessions can sometimes be quick if the newborn is sleepy and super cooperative and there are no other siblings. Sometimes these sessions can take a bit longer if baby needs to eat again or someone in the family needs a break. There is NO rush at these sessions. We're at your home and we're on baby's schedule!

Stay Calm

These photos are super low key. We're in your own home. Lifestyle means I'll be documenting your life. If the siblings are being wild and crazy then I will capture that in addition to beautiful newborn portraits & details. If big sis is throwing a tantrum no worries -- it happens! I have 2 kids myself and I have been there -- believe ME! I've seen it all. Take breaks, if needed. Have a sip of water, go to the bathroom. Its your home, you should be comfortable.