Branding Photos for Daily Bread/Mrs. Meridian

This shoot with Lisa taught me that I really love branding photo sessions. I've mentioned before but I started my work history at my parents company back in California. It's a construction company and I did NOT want to work for my parents. When I was finished with my AA in Culinary Arts I realized I didn't want to be a chef working nights and weekends. I knew I wanted a family and that schedule didn't seem fitting for the life I was envisioning. I didn't know what else I wanted to do so my parents offered me a job at their business doing admin work. I ended up working their for over 11 years and worked my way up. I was really good at my job.

While my peers were finishing college, I was getting an education on what it takes to run a multi-million dollar company. I went home after work to hear the conversations that would take place. Sometimes hard conversations during 2008 when things were very unstable. I learned about paying taxes, employment taxes, federal, state, and local taxes. All the way to business licenses for every single city they worked in. I learned all about general liability, workers compensation, and health insurance. Other areas were payroll, accounts payable, lien releases, answering phones, e-mails, and being all around professional. What I learned there was invaluable.

I think since I worked at a family business for so long I have a deep respect for people that begin their own businesses. I love taking pictures for people who are self-starters and who go after it. Whether it is a dream they've had for years or something they realized they are interested in not that long ago. I'm here for it.

Lisa started Daily Bread after some health issues with her second daughter, Emmie. She realized rather than buying gluten free breads with tons of weird ingredients that she would start making her own sourdough which only has a few basic ingredients; flour, water, and salt. Many people who have food allergies can tolerate sourdough because of the long fermentation process.

I hope these photos serve Lisa's business, Daily Bread well to help showcase some of her products but also for her Mrs. Idaho pageant that she is entering on April 13th, 2024. I'm wishing her the best of luck and hope she wins!

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