Cinematic Ballet

This was Camryn's 4th ballet performance. The theme for this winter's performance was Cinematic Ballet. It was such a fun theme. First of all, Camryn's performance was set to the music of Star Wars and her tutu was so sparkly and gold which just fit our sweet girls personality perfectly. Of course, Camryn has never seen Star Wars but the music was epic and her classes dance was adorable and so well choreographed.

We've been so happy with Camryn's ballet classes at Treasure Valley Ballet Academy in Meridian, Idaho. All the teachers she's had have been so sweet, friendly, and are amazing at teaching young girls choreography. I don't know how they do it! They are very talented women to say the least.

As I was helping Camryn get dressed and ready for the performance I asked her if she gets butterflies in her stomach. She didn't understand the question so I described the feeling of being nervous in your tummy. She said she doesn't get nervous to go on stage or being on stage. She said she gets an "excited feeling" in her tummy. I love that she associates stage performances with excitement rather than nervousness which is how I would most definitely feel.

This was Britton's first time watching her sister at one of her ballet performances. Britton did so well being a very polite audience member. She did get tired towards the end as we neared 8pm so she switched to sitting on my lap. She was extremely in awe of all the beautiful dancers and couldn't wait to give Camryn her bouquet of flowers.

In May Britton will also be up on stage since she has decided she would like to quit her Little Gym class and switch to ballet like big sis. We'll see how that little one does but we're so excited for our little ballerinas and their love for beauty, dancing, and movement.

Enjoy some beautiful photos of Camryn before the performance. We were running late so I got these in about 2 minutes. Britton was inside while I took them and was screaming and crying that she didn't go outside with us so once David let her out the door she stood proudly next to her sister with tears in her eyes. Their love for each other is the sweetest love I've ever witnessed.