Whiskey & Love in the Hills

My friend Monika was the first person that asked me to take photos for her. A little over a year ago she trusted me to take her extended family photos and I was honored, nervous, and excited! Since then I've been trying to take photos of people as much as possible. After doing her extended family photo session I wanted to do a photo session with just her and Will. We had a fun idea that involved bikes and the green belt which I think would still be fun but this shoot came to me one day.

Will loves whiskey and I had this idea of a photo shoot in the hills with the tan grass and drinking whiskey. I thought it would be a fun look. When I told Monika my idea she loved it! We got out our calendars and came up with a date.

The photos came out so beautiful and I really love them. It's always fun photographing friends and I'm looking forward to doing more of it this fall.

What I love about this session is that while it is a couples session I love that there was an element of them that they brought to. I think it's so fun when couples have some sort of prop or some element that brings in their own interests or hobbies. David and I did the same thing at our engagement session with a 22 oz bottle of Hop Stoopid. It helped us relax and at the time we both loved beer. It captured a moment in our life that was US and what we liked together. Maybe today our photoshoot would include a bottle of wine rather than a beer.