"Successful mothers are not the ones that never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles". Sharon Jaynes

Camryn's chiropractor's office, Purpose Driven Chiropractic in Eagle was handing out that quote on cards with a single rose to the all the mom's that came in during the week leading up to mother's day. I think that quote can resonate with every single mother out there. I remember hearing another quote like it when I first became a mom which was along the lines of a bad mother never worries about being a good mom. So many mom's spend time worrying if they are making the right choices or doing right by their kids and the answer is, YES, you are. If you're considering your child's well being then yes, you are a good mom!

Becoming a mother changed who I was deeply. How could it not? It's a huge sacrifice but with the most amazing benefits you'll ever experience in life.

I will be spending my mother's day going out to breakfast with the kiddos. They are excited for hot chocolate -- of course but I'm excited to not have to make their breakfast and clean it up. I like going out to breakfast on mothers day because my kids are usually up by 7 and we can get to the restaurant by 7:30 which is not a busy time at a breakfast joint. Then I plan on going on a "hike" but I haven't picked out where yet. I'm thinking either Eagle Island State Park or either the foothills of Eagle. I want to finish up my book for my book club, Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng and then have some homemade sourdough, steaks and asparagus for dinner.

I hope all you mama's out there have an awesome day and get to do at least one thing tomorrow that brings you joy. Thank you to all the mom's that let me photograph them with their babies or grand babies. Make the effort and have your picture taken with your kids professionally! I promise you'll never regret it. I'm not sure a woman is more beautiful than when she is surrounded by her child(ren). The joy your child brings you is priceless. Happy mother's day!